Now that you’ve hired a local real estate agent, your home is now listed on the internet and the first showing time has now been scheduled.  Now what do you do?

Many sellers aren’t advised by their real estate agent that a little effort and cleaning for a scheduled showing can help tremendously in the sale of your home.  Not only can preparing reduce the amount of time it takes for a home to sell, but it can also lead to more money in the seller’s pocket!

So where do you start? Your real estate agent should be advising you but if not, ask them.  They should know what is important to buyers looking for Mystic CT real estate.  It’s smart to start from the outside with curb appeal and imagine a potential buyer’s walk through.  Keep in mind the importance of a buyer’s first impression.  Read our 10 Tips for Preparing Your Home For Showings below, to help you be prepared and make as much money as possible. 

Check the Exterior/Curb Appeal
Make sure that the lawn is freshly cut, leaves cleared, or driveway shoveled depending on the season.  There is no worse impression than having to walk through two feet of snow to get to the front door!  If it’s not winter, make sure the lawn tools and toys are picked up.  In addition to the tools and toys, if you have pets, please pick up after them. No one likes to step in their mess!

Check for Clutter
Make sure the stairs are clear and that all shoes, coats, hats, and mail is kept out of sight. Buyers want to be able to imagine living there and coming home to a clean house. 

Check the Kitchen
Make sure those granite or quartz countertops are clear and spotless.  Is the refrigerator door clear?  The exterior of the refrigerator should have virtually nothing on it so that the stainless steel can shine.  Is the kitchen floor clean? A potential buyer is not going to be impressed hearing their feet stick to your floor.

Check the Bathroom
Bathrooms are often times the second biggest selling feature of homes. Make sure the vanity is clean and clutter free, as well as the counter and shower glass. If you have a shower curtain, buy a new one. No one wants to look at soap residue. Make sure the linen closet and the items inside are organized neatly.  Take a couple new bath towels out of the linen closet and make sure they are hanging nice and neat. EMPTY THE TRASH! A clean bathroom appearance can go a long way with a potential buyer.

Check the Bedrooms
Are the beds made and decorated with some nice pillows or a throw? Are all personal items and valuables away in a safe location?  While it is uncommon for personal belonging to be missing after a showing, it certainly can happen.  Make sure any personal belongings and valuables are stored in a secure location or removed during a showing.  Are the closets organized?  They want to see how much storage room they will have for their “stuff.”  

Check the Floors
Like mentioned above with the kitchen and bathroom floors, all floors throughout a home should be checked before a showing.  If there are carpeted rooms, are they vacuumed and free from stains?  If your carpets are in tough shape, your real estate agent may recommend a professional carpet cleaning company or they may recommend to have a new carpet installed.

Check the Windows
Drapes and blinds are often a part of a home that is neglected for general cleaning and maintenance.  Make sure the blinds and drapes are clean but also work properly.  If it’s nice out, open the windows and get some fresh air in the house.

Check the Temperature
Make sure your home’s temperature is comfortable for when buyers walk in the door.  Typically, you want your home to be between 70 – 74 degrees. 

Check for Odors
Whether it’s an odor from pets, smoking, cooking, or others, make sure to check for odors!  Open the windows and spray some Febreeze! Homeowners sometimes can’t even smell odors within their own homes because they are used to it so make sure your real estate agent checks for you as well. 

Set the Mood
Try to make your home as welcoming as possible. Lights on, maybe some light music, and possibly some beverages and appetizers. 

Preparing for a showing the correct way can make a major difference on whether or not a home sells and the time it takes for the sale.  It can also affect the price a seller receives for their home.

The Greg Broadbent Real Estate Team

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