Legend says that there are far fewer buyers in August as attention shifts to other things such as back to school, etc. However, what if I told you it could be a great time to sell your home because of families being relocated, looking for new school systems, etc.? If you are thinking of whether or not to sell your home now, read our tips below for some advice. 

How to Beat Awful August

  1. Curb Appeal. Make your home inviting, clean up the garden, water the plants, and get the patio furniture out. Help them dream about being there.
  2. Keep It Cool. Open doors and windows for air flow or turn the on the AC and set the temperature to 70 degrees.
  3. Keep It Clean. Let the sun shine through the windows, and make sure they’re washed regularly.
  4. Flexibility. Be open to taking appointments after dinner when it is cooler outside.
  5. Patience.  If you have hired a cutting edge local real estate market professional like the team at Greg Broadbent Real Estate, then sit back and relax. We got this!


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