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As one of the top Realtors in Connecticut, Greg has won RE/MAX awards such as the Titan Club and is a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. He is recognized by the Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors as one of the top agents with the “ECAR Circle of Excellence” Award. He is awarded Zillow’s “Five Star Reviews” and Trulia’s “Best of Trulia Top Agent Award”. Readers of THE DAY newspaper voted Greg “Best of the Best Real Estate Agent” in 2020.

I have lived in this community all of my life. I am married with a dog and young children; a son and twin daughters. My mother and father bought their first home in the area back in the 70s and started their family with my older brother. I am the middle child with a younger sister. My parents still live in the community I grew up in and I visit them all the time. I feel lucky to be able to share so many activities like golf, gardening, house projects, family dinners, and even the occasional campfire in the back yard.

Growing up in the area, my first job was a paper route. I delivered newspapers starting in the 4th grade and ending in the 9th grade. In the summer, I would mow lawns and, in the winter, I would hand shovel driveways from sun up to sun down on the day of a storm. I was taught the value of hard work and what it meant to be consistent. My dad would always ask me if I did things with a “Q” and “Q” stood for Quality. I was taught that the best way to have someone call me again or refer me to a friend, was to do a good job the first time. As I grew up, I worked as a gas attendant at a mobile station, ushered at church, cooked at the Steak Loft, and a number of other odd jobs. Even if you think you don’t know me, it is very possible our paths have crossed a few times.

After graduating from High School, I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Business from Bryant University in RI. The numerous marketing, computer, and economics classes provided me with an education perfect for the entrepreneurial requirements of being a real estate broker. Real estate was not my first job after college, but it had always been something I wanted to learn about. I wanted to be an investor myself. I passed my first licensing exams and I was off and running. I am now a full time real estate agent looking to find out your real estate needs and exceed your expectations.

Every transaction I complete I look to improve. I take the lessons of doing things with a “Q”, the consistency of delivering newspapers on time every morning rain or shine, and the hard work of shoveling driveways all day long, and I put them into real estate. If you are looking for a highly motivated, experienced, and aggressive real estate broker, I want to be your first call.

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