Update Your Front Door

The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers are going to see. In order to improve this first impression you should consider painting your front door or replacing it completely with a new one. A way to make your home memorable is by choosing a bright color for your front door. If this isn’t a look that you’re interested in then, you can also replace it with a sturdy new steel door or simply update your old screen door with a glass version for a fresher look.

What not to do: Don’t overspend on a front door that doesn’t match the home’s exterior. You want to make sure there is some cohesion to the style. Don’t pick a bright color just because, you want to make sure it matches the rest of the home’s exterior.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A simple coat of paint in a neutral shade is an update that can be completed without a huge investment of time or money. This project can be done fairly quickly. So spend one weekend removing any bright accent walls or dark colors that buyers might not find appealing in the space. Some popular color options include:

  • Grey
  • White
  • Beige
  • Charcoal
  • Light blue

Be sure the new colors still go well with your home décor to further appeal to prospective buyers. Or that go with how you plan to stage your home.

What not to do: Avoid what is currently trendy, like wallpaper. Trends can quickly go out of style or not appeal to every buyer’s taste.

A Bathroom Remodel/ Facelift

Bathrooms are always high on potential buyers’ lists, making an investment here is one of the best options for increased resale value. Before putting your home up for sale, consider making small updates that will excite anyone looking at your house. Some of the best bathroom remodels for resale include small changes likes:

  • Re-caulking the tub.
  • Replacing the vanity.
  • Changing the shower head.
  • Replacing the faucet.

For a bigger change, purchase a new tub or refinish the existing one and install new floor and wall tiles.

What not to do: Don’t create a luxury bathroom. Contrary to popular belief this actually not provide the same return on investment as the smaller projects. Big isn’t always best in these areas.

Energy Efficient Upgrades to Increase Value

One of the best home improvements to make before selling is to improve the energy efficiency of the home. Luckily this can be done in a number of ways, like adding insulation to your home, replacing old appliances for more efficient ones, changing out light bulbs, and any way that can reduce your own electric bill or increase your tax return and improve your resale value.

You can market these updates to potential buyers by providing copies of your utility bills or leaving the Energy Star certifications on your new appliances.

What not to do: Avoid adding solar panels if you are planning to sell your home in the near future. While they add energy efficiency, they require maintenance that will might not interest many buyers.

Update Flooring

Having the flooring updated in your home is a great way to improve the look and value of your home. Even though hardwood floors are one of the most expensive options, installing them is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value.

Some more affordable options for updating your floors include replacing worn carpeting or installing vinyl floors, either of which may impress potential buyers.

What not to do: Don’t select unique patterned tile that may only appeal to you.

Add Simple Landscaping

As we mentioned above the exterior of your home is very important especially when it comes to attracting viewers and closing the deal. The best home remodels for resale include adding low maintenance curb appeal with attractive landscaping.

When remodeling for a resale, update your landscaping by:

  • Removing any high maintenance plants or trees.
  • Clearing weeds.
  • Edging your sidewalks and driveway.
  • Trimming trees and bushes.
  • Fertilizing your yard.

What not to do: Don’t add high maintenance assets. Large flower beds and topiaries require work and can turn off potential buyers.

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