Selling your home during the holiday season is probably not how you wanted to spend the holidays, but it’s a pretty common reality. So to ensure that your home stands out during the holiday season, you will want to add in some festive elements to your staging.

Here are some elegant ways to stage your home for the holidays. Use these tips to keep potential buyers in high spirits as they view your home.

Create Holiday Curb Appeal

When staging your home for the holidays, you want to be strategic with your decorations especially when it comes to your curb appeal. There’s a way to make your curb appeal festive, elegant, and classy without overdoing it. It’s best to keep things neutral and uncluttered. You don’t want the decor to distract from the home itself.

Opt for White Lights

One way to keep your curb appeal neutral is to choose white lights over colored ones. Instead of using icicle lights, we recommend classic round bulbs. Keep it simple when decorating with lights. Lining the roof of the house, wrapping the base of large trees, and accenting the sidewalk is more than enough.

Spruce Up the Front Door

Spruce up your front door with a beautiful wreath. Choose something simple and avoid anything too flashy. You can also use garland to add a wonderfully festive touch. Use it to frame your door or wrap them around pillars. Decorations can strategically help potential buyers notice the architectural details of your home. Lastly, add a festive welcome mat to complete your front door look. Opt for one with an elegant style.

Decorate Your Mantel

When staging your home for the holidays, don’t forget the fireplace mantel. This is an iconic area to decorate and add some extra holiday charm. The key is to keep things simple. You can do this by choosing a small selection of larger pieces instead of many small objects. Too many small objects could make things look cluttered.

Another way to keep things simple is to keep the color scheme minimal. Focus on implementing only 2-3 colors into your display. To keep things classy, choose a neutral color to use as a backdrop. This way added colors will have a greater impact without being too much.

Garland looks wonderful on the mantel as well. Lay some across as a base. You can sprinkle ornaments throughout the garland and lace it with Christmas lights. You can also decorate with other items like pinecones.

Create A Festive Table-scape

The dining room table is one of the most important areas to add flair since it’s where family and friends will gather. You want potential buyers to visualize themselves and their loved ones around the table. There are many different ways to create a festive table-scape.

Different elements you can incorporate into your table-scape are pinecones, garland, and pops of reds. Lay garland across the length of the table or curl it around a centerpiece. Use pops of red through red accents, plates, napkins, or a runner. Pops of red are beautiful against a white backdrop or paired with silver or gold accents.

Reindeer figurines are also perfect for a table-scape display. Choose wooden ones for a rustic look. For an elegant vibe, decorate with metallic accents. A white table with gold or silver accents is especially stunning.

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