Tips for speeding up the sale

While you might not be able to control things  like a buyer’s financial situation or the state of the market, there are still some actions you can take to help accelerate the sale.

Find a good agent with a track record for fast sales.

This is the most effective tool that you can have in your selling arsenal: an agent who knows the local market and can help you sidestep the common obstacles that can slow down the process. Be sure to check a prospective agent’s average DOM and compare it to local averages to gauge their track record for successful sales.

Resist the urge to do major renovations.

Spending time and money on major upgrades has been shown to not yield a higher return on the final sale price. In fact, it could even wipe out any equity you might stand to gain. Examples of major projects to avoid include those that are more cosmetic than functional, such as renovating a kitchen or bathroom, adding a three-season room, or putting in a master suite addition.

Enlist any contractors early.

If your home does need any repairs or upgrades then you will want to line up any necessary contractors as soon as you decide to sell, because they are very busy right now and will have long lead times.

Make sure the baseboards are showing.

You will want to ensure that any clutter is cleared out and that there’s not too much furniture crammed into homes. Buyers like open, spacious rooms that are easy to navigate. They should be able to envision their stuff or ways to make it their home and having too much of your stuff (especially clutter) can make that more difficult.

Get a pre-listing inspection.

This provides the opportunity to identify any potential issues early on, so you can get a head-start on any necessary fixes prior to the buyer’s inspection.

Even though You will have to pay for this out of pocket, undergoing an early inspection will allow you to address any issues rather than waiting until just prior to closing. Now if there are no material defects found, then you can state that on the listing and require that all offers waive the usual inspection contingency.”