Mumford Cove Real Estate SignThe private waterfront beach association of Mumford Cove installed a new sign at their gateway this summer.  The beautiful and bright white and blue sign replaced the older brown and faded wooden sign previously installed.

Not only was it in better condition but it was a more modern design to really advertise the exclusive nature of Mumford Cove Club.  The arched top and lattice work holding the new Mumford Cove logo really stands out as you enter.  The lower section lets people know that it is not only an exclusive waterfront area, but actually a private neighborhood.  This should not only please members as they enter, but it can improve the value of Mumford Cove real estate. For those residents who are unfortunately leaving the Cove, it will improve their changes for receiving top dollar for their home.  First impressions always matter and the new sign will reflect the condition of the neighborhood.

If you are considering buying or selling a home in any of our wonderful waterfront locations, give us a call today.  We would like to be your Mumford Cove Real Estate Agent.

Mumford Cove Club Association Sign