A lot of people ask for referrals on whom to use to inspect their home.  Like anything else, home inspectors all have their talents and drawbacks.  Since most of what real estate inspectors do is purely from an external, visual inspection, they are looking for signs that there may be a problem.  They can test your well water and they can test the amount of water that you might have by doing a flow test.  However, with the thousands of parts in a home, they are rarely an expert on everything.   The first thing you want to make sure of is that your inspector has an active, up-to-date home inspector license.  If you use an inspector to do a Structural and Mechanical Inspection on a commercial or residential purchase, you will not be able to request any repairs if they are not certified.

There are a lot of great resources for additional information.  We have a page on our website that includes Mystic Home Inspectors for all types of inspections.  They are capable of performing (but not limited to) residential inspections like buyers’ inspections, water quality analysis, well water yield test, structural and mechanical inspections, and septic or on-site sewage inspections.  Another common test for Mystic is the Radon inspection.  You can test for toxic or dangerous materials like asbestos and lead paint, both commonly used in the Mystic area in older homes.

Home owners in the process of preparing to list their home for sale may consider doing a pre-listing inspection.  This inspection will allow them to know if there are any repairs that need to be done upfront.  This could avoid a major problem or even a purchase and sales contract from falling apart.

Other great resources for home inspection companies are the CAHI or Connecticut Association of Home Inspectors and ASHI or American Society of Home Inspectors. However, they may not all be local.  Learn more about inspections on our Mystic CT Home Inspectors Page.