68 Masons Island Road, Mystic Real Estate

68 Mason’s Island Road Mystic, CT

Now that I’ve been in my new house a few weeks, I thought I would write a note regarding Greg Broadbent, the agent selling my house in Mystic. I had bought a house in my hometown a few years ago and was rehabbing it but soon realized that having two houses was a bit expensive, especially my house on the Mystic River. In August, I emailed a number of area Realtors stating my desire to sell my house. Greg was the only one who responded immediately and came out to look at the house. I figured it would take a certain type of buyer as it needed some work but it was on the water with a fantastic view. Greg suggested that if I really wanted to sell it, that I list it soon as the summer was the time to show it before it got too cold. We did the paperwork on a Thursday and he took really good photos on Friday, including some breathtaking aerial photos showing the waterfront. The house was listed online on Saturday and a prospective buyer drove into the driveway that afternoon. I thought it might take a year to sell it but this person turned out to be the eventual buyer. Wow, just about sold the first day it was listed. Since I hadn’t sold a house in 36 years and am in my 70’s, I relied on Greg to steer me through the process and avoid any bumps. It was a bit stressful emptying a 3,000 SF house in three months but Greg was there at every step, offering assistance if needed. I highly recommend Greg to be your Realtor as his expertise in the real estate field is something you can have confidence in.

Dave B.