real estate agent rule 425

Call anxiety is that anxious feeling you get right before calling someone.  Agents will come up with the craziest of reasons not to call someone.  It is uncomfortable.  REALTORS are taught that an unwanted sales call is one of the worst things in the world.  Those pushy people on the phone never want to let you hang up the phone.

How does someone get over call anxiety?  Have a positive reason for calling.  The purpose is to HELP the client in some way.  You are calling them to benefit them in some way, not to force them into buying something.  If they are interested in buying or selling a home, they will want a hardworking, proactive agent calling them.

The second method for getting over this is having scheduled times for making these calls.  If you know that every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you call people from 4:00-6:00, there is no way to procrastinate.  You need to meet your own deadline and just do it.

How this benefits the client: Don’t let the client settle for an agent that is going to sit back and wait for things to come to them.  Clients want someone that is going to go out and get the business/answer/buyers/listings/BEST DEAL for them!

How this benefits the real estate agent:  If you are following up with every client, you will have a MUCH higher conversion rate.  A higher conversion rate means you are able to sell more homes faster.  It also means that a higher percentage of clients liked your business and you will have more referrals in the future.

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