Are you struggling to sell your home? Well seasonal home staging might be you solution!

Decorating for the Holidays VS. Seasonal Staging:

Most of the time your real estate agent will tell you to remove ALL personal decorations from the home and sadly this includes holiday decorations. But then they will also tell you to stage your home according to the season. So how can you do both? This can obviously be confusing to sellers as many think that seasonal staging means holiday-specific themes.

However there is a HUGE difference between holiday decorating and seasonal staging. Some homeowners might use personalized or religious décor, while others might chose to focus on the colors and tones that are associated with the time of year.

How to Stage for the Seasons

Let’s take a look at each season and notice what each of them represents so we can determine the colors and tones that represent that season best.

Here are some tips for seasonal staging:

Winter: While winter is the coldest season of the year, it is not associated with warm tones as much as fall is. Winter is an elegant season during which white, reds, silver, and deep greens are common. These colors represent the universal magic of the season while also keeping religious preferences out of the equation.

Spring: Spring is the season of renewal, so things are fresh and new. Old, dead plants should be removed and colorful new blooms planted. Everything should be bright and clean. Inside, use accent colors like yellow, light blue, or light green and try to bring in plenty of natural light.

Summer: Summer is all about the outdoors, so make sure your home is staged outside as well as in. Keep the lawn mowed and the beds weeded. Keep the patio clean and organized. Colors that work great in summer include crisp white, sandy tan, and bold, vibrant colors.

Fall: Fall is a color explosion and it’s the time of year that’s best represented by warm tones. Colors like reds, oranges, browns, and darker greens and olives are prominent, and plaid patterns are popular as they lend the “homey” feel that most people want inside their homes during this time of year.

Stage your home according to the seasons and home buyers won’t have to work as hard to imagine themselves living in your space. It might seem like common sense but you can’t imagine how impactful this simple strategy can be.

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