When deciding upon what town you are going to reside in and have a family in, and you ask a New Englander if there is anywhere else they’d rather be, you’re likely to get an earful about the charm, personality, and unique features of Southeastern CT. Those who love New England living find Connecticut to be rather spectacular, with residents who are adventurous and weather that is pleasant and “interesting,” with four distinctively different seasons. With so many small towns spread throughout the state, Connecticut has also become known for its great small-community atmosphere, rich history, and prestigious universities. The geography is pretty – mostly green – with streams, meadows, open fields, and scenic shorelines full of waterfront properties.

The Southeastern Connecticut region in particular has become a favorite area for many folks looking to relocate, as you’re avoiding the more expensive western areas which are influenced by New York City and instead enjoying the advantages and beauty of an area that is 100% New England. Towns such as Mystic CT Real Estate, Groton Long Point CT Real Estate, and Stonington CT Real Estate are among the most popular.

The Southeastern Connecticut region is comprised of, as the name suggests, the southeastern corner of the state of Connecticut. It is sometimes referred to as Greater New London or “Mystic Country.”

Food, fairs, and festivals as well as culinary adventures – such as wine and beer trails, celebrity chef-owned restaurants, farm-inspired menus, and New England seafood – are all highlights of the area. Hiking trails, saltwater sailing, weekend foliage rides, and thrill-seeking adventures in rock climbing and zip lining are popular. The region is also home to art galleries, award-winning theaters, museums, and both modern and Victorian architecture as well as Revolutionary War sites, historic town greens, military accomplishments, and so much more.

Buying a home in Southeastern Connecticut can be a great experience. Of course, before you make a big move, it’s important to learn as much about your new home as possible and hire a professional Real Estate Agent, especially a local one from Mystic CT Real Estate. Living in Connecticut provides you with tons of advantages, and having a knowledgeable real estate agent who knows the area well such as Ledyard CT Real Estate and Waterfront CT Real Estate is important when considering a number of important factors such as education, leisure, crime, culture, and economy.


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