The holidays have now past and if you have been thinking this is the year you are selling, you should start making some decisions, doing some research, and begin preparing yourself, your families, and your home for the market. You should contact Greg Broadbent Real Estate now! We can coach you through the process so you time the market correctly and make the most for your home.

Typically with Mystic CT Real Estate, the spring is the best time to be selling your home. Some of the most common reasons why the spring real estate market is the best time to be selling a home include:

  • Warm weather equals warm market
  • Income tax returns
  • More color outside

This is certainly no exception in the Groton CT real estate market and I’m sure the same can be said in your local real estate market.  Most real estate markets will start to see an increase in the number of homes for sale as well as number of homes being sold at the first signs of spring.

One mistake that homeowners make is waiting to get themselves and their home ready to be listed for sale.  Timing the real estate market just right is critical and missing two or three weeks of the prime spring market because you aren’t prepared can cost you thousands of dollars.

If you’re ultimately not ready to list your home just yet, below are some of the most important tips on how to prepare for the spring market. If you start preparing now, you will have a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience come spring time.

Interview Realtors

Choosing a top real estate agent begins at your kitchen table during the interview process.  Having a top real estate agent can be the difference between whether or not you sell your home.

A top real estate agent will consult with you, the seller, to create a strategic marketing plan that will lead to a successful and enjoyable home-selling experience. Below are some things that an experienced professional real estate agent will guide you on during the process.

When Should You List Your Home?

Timing the Mystic CT real estate market is very important.  Listing a home for sale too early or too late can cost you lot of money.  A top real estate agent will determine exactly when to list their home for sale.

What Will Your Home Be Listed For?

Another extremely important part of the strategy that needs to be determined when preparing to sell your home is the selling price.  A top real estate agent will consult with you to help determine the price a home should be listed at.

What Is Your Next Move?

Will you be moving out of state?  Job transfer?  Will you be buying another home?  If so, are you able to purchase a new home without selling your existing home? Having a successful and professional real estate agent who has experience in helping sellers in many different scenarios can make the process seem less stressful.

Did We Mention Marketing?

Marketing! Team Greg Broadbent has assembled a group of top real estate agents, marketing experts, distinctive home specialists, buyer representatives, and supporting staff partnering to excel in the real estate market and exceed your expectations.  If you are looking to sell a home in any market, we will aggressively market your home and get it in front of perspective buyers.

The Greg Broadbent Real Estate Team

If you are interested in listing your Mystic CT real estate, Groton CT real estate, Ledyard CT real estate, or Stonington CT real estate, give the team at Greg Broadbent Real Estate a call. We are your local real estate agent near me and a top real estate agent.