Greg, this is my first time writing a review so here it goes. Much like this review, buying my first home, I did not even know where to start. My first step was to ask my father for advice. He told me “get an agent”. He said that he had had trouble working with a few different agents and that Greg Broadbent had given him great results where others had failed. He was able to sell his property even faster than they expected. He had nothing but great things to say about him. I contacted Greg to see if he could help me out. From day one, I knew he was the right realtor for me. He was professional, kind, experienced and just presented himself very well. He always seemed to take the extra time to explain what was happening, forms, contracts, disclosures and most important, where to start. We gave Greg a list of criteria along with locations and price ranges. We would view the emails online and select the houses we wanted to see. We looked at a number of houses and Greg never seemed pushy. I could tell he wanted me to feel like I had found the right home for me. It really was a great feeling knowing someone was there to help and jot just push me into buying the first house I went to see. He went above and beyond his responsibility as an agent. Eventually we found the perfect house. Greg, I can’t thank you enough for all your help!!! So it is three years later and I still adore every minute of my new home. Greg keeps in touch from time to time “How’s the new house going?” Just recently he had found out that I was temporarily out of work. He had seen a job opening in my field and called me to tell me about it. It seemed like a good fit for me so I am actively pursuing the job now. I can’t tell you how much that means to have someone looking out for your benefit. In the future if I decide to move I guarantee that Greg Broadbent will be the first person on my list to call. My highest recommendations go to Greg Broadbent. Thank you so much again for all your help and finding me the right home.

Ryan R.

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