The key to social media and SEO is the same as any sport; technical skill almost always wins over brute force.  The first three sports I can think of are tennis, baseball, and golf.  If you step up to take your “shot” and just swing as hard as you can, you may miss the ball or at the very least, you won’t be hitting it at the optimal position.  You won’t propel the ball a long ways or even the right direction.  You want to take your time, focus on your goal or target, and strike at the optimal time to maximize your potential.

Swinging for the fences in social media would be like logging onto a new community or social media page and posting lots of links back to your website.  You are not adding any content of value to anyone and you are essentially spamming any potential viewers with your material.  The result is that your post will be deleted by moderators.  People following you will dislike your content and may unfollow while people coming to see your page will be less likely to follow you because they don’t see any value in your content.

If you take the time to come up with a well thought out idea or plan, people will find it interesting.  If one person follows you, everyone in their group will see the new contact and some of those like-minded people may follow you as well.  Your one real estate post may be seen by thousands of people as opposed to being seen only up until a moderator deletes your spam.

Just as any sport, one or two bad shots and you are not out of the game.  Take some time to think about an idea.  I often base it off of a phrase I may hear about throughout the day.  Then, text it to yourself for when you have a little more time to develop it into something good. When the time is right, send it off into the social media world.  Maybe even you will have a grand slam to win your SEO game.