Moving is never an easy task, and unpredictable weather elements brought on during the spring time only make it more difficult. While we cannot control what the weather is going to do, we can give you some tips to achieve a successful move.

Plan for Bad Weather

As we mentioned, spring weather is notoriously unpredictable. One day it will be a perfect sunny day, and then the next you’re dealing with pouring rain or possibly even snow. Sadly you can only look so far out with weather forecasts because they are only reliable a few days in advance. This makes planning ahead very hard to do. You typically have to just hope for the best. So what should you during this time?

Create a backup plan ready in case the weather impacts your move. Here is what to do:

    • Schedule your movers to come a day or two earlier than you normally would in case they are delayed by weather
    • If traveling more than a few hours, give yourself a day to get to your new apartment
    • Make sure you have furniture covers handy in case the weather isn’t great when you’re moving out or in
    • If possible, park your moving truck as close to your unit as possible or under cover to avoid long trips outside

Get Rid of Unwanted Items:

Spring moving and spring cleaning go hand in hand. Don’t wait until you’re in your new apartment to spring clean, take the time to clean and purge any unwanted items as you pack. This gives you less stuff to pack up and prevents you from bring any junk into you new place.

Plan Ahead:

The weather might be impossible to plan around, but there are still some things you can control. With spring time being one of the busiest times of the year in the you will want to book any movers or moving equipment as early as possible.

Allergy Season

The spring season is packed full of pollen. While all the blooming plants are beautiful, the pollen that’s seemingly everywhere can get tracked in your house, or collect on your furniture and boxes.
Make sure you seal your boxes before bringing them outside, cover your furniture, and remove your shoes before unloading your belongings in your new space to avoiding spreading pollen all over your new place.

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