I thought this would be a good question and I figured I would give myself a day to think about how I would answer. I would love to say the #1 real estate quality would be “the best marketing”, “the most sales”, “the most local knowledge”.  However, I believe I have those qualities and yet on occasion, I don’t get the listing. I believe those items are all working toward what I believe the #1 quality is. Some would say “compatibility” and that is part of my answer. My answer is the same thing I am looking for in a seller: TRUST! Don’t get me wrong, that is not the only quality in an agent that you want. Your best friend may be a licensed agent and yet has never sold a home. An agent needs to be able to do all the other important things to sell your home. When I select a seller to work with, I need to feel that I can trust the information they are giving me as well. I can show them all the charts and graphs that I want, but if they don’t trust that I am going to do what I say I am going to do, it is all pointless. I want a client that is going to trust me enough to take my advice. I work best with a client that voices their own opinion about things but trusts that I am in fact an expert in my field. If I am unable to show that in a listing appointment, then I am not sure I even want the listing. It is so important that we be working together to sell the house for the most money and in the shortest period of time, that if we do not start on the same page, how can we be going in the same direction?
If you are looking for an agent to work with, I would like the opportunity to earn your trust. Feel free to read previous testimonials of Greg Broadbent to show how I have earned others’ trust.